Jackpot Films

Jackpot Films is an award winning Independent Irish film studio, cinema and television production company with production and distribution credits in more than 20 feature and short films.

Some of Our Work Includes...

An Taibhse (The Ghost)

Ireland, 1852. Éamon and his daughter Máire are hired as caretakers to look after an isolated Georgian Mansion over the winter.

The Lost Jedi

After 13 years of isolation, Jedi Master Hikomori's solitary existence gets upended, when he discovers a young woman washed up on the shore.

The Sleep Experiment

Two detectives begin an investigation into a disastrous secret military experiment where five prisoners were kept awake for thirty days in a sealed gas chamber.

Difriúil (Different)

Ireland 1980's. A promising young Gaelic footballer, Patrick, falls in love with with best friend.

Order 66

An inquisitor living on the planet Murat disables the defence towers before the events of Order 66.

Knock Knock

A short horror story about a lonely man living by himself being terrorised by supernatural events.

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